How could anything possibly be more terrifying that the disappearance of your child? Alex Callahan knows only too well that there could be something worse: his six-year-old twin boys just vanished without a trace one bright spring day.

Of course the police were called; of course Alex’s estranged wife and both sets of grandparents rushed to his side; of course the press camped noisily on his doorstep while everyone waited for the first sign that the boys would reappear. But there were to be no sightings; no ransom notes; no midnight phone calls. As days stretched into weeks the media crush outside the house dwindled, the atmosphere within the house became more toxic, and one by one the other family members went home, leaving Alex alone with his dread and sorrow. And when finally the lead detective on the case informed Alex he’d been reassigned, he knew that it was up to him and him alone to find Sean and Kevin.

What would you do? What could you do?

There were so few leads, solid or otherwise; so few cases analogous to Kevin and Sean’s abduction – after all, who would grab a pair of kids at the same time? It would surely double the chance of being caught. But there were parallel cases and there were a few clues, and as an investigative reporter Alex knew a bit about tracking down leads. Hard cash spent freely on investigators helped some, hour upon hour spent tracking leads on the Internet helped a little more, his by-now familiar face on the ground in Florida and Vegas and New Orleans helped still more. When finally the big break came, Alex learned who had taken his sons and the hideous reason why. He just didn’t know where they’d been taken. Would he find them? Would it be in time?

A little advice: never bet against a father who will move heaven and earth to find his sons.